#GivingTuesday is December 1st this year, and we are setting a big goal! Early morning donations are extra important this year because Facebook is offering a DONATION MATCH up to $7,000,000, but only the first $2,000,000 will be a 100% match. After that, the match goes down to 10%. That money goes super quick, so we would love to take advantage by getting our donations in as soon as possible.

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Recycled Pomeranians and Schipperkes Rescue seeks to provide a safe haven for Pomeranians and Schipperkes, and other small breeds, who have been lost, surrendered, abandoned, neglected and abused.  Our large volunteer base works tirelessly to help dogs in need by removing them from what are quite often hopeless situations, making every effort to do whatever it takes to insure the best outcome in order to offer each and every dog the highest chance at finding a forever home. 

We are dedicated to educating the public about responsible dog ownership, particularly the importance of vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and heartworm prevention.  Our MISSION is to continue working to saverehabilitate and rehome as many dogs as we possibly can in the hopes that one day we can eradicate senseless breeding, shelter overcrowding, and needless euthanasia.  We believe that dogs’ lives matter

We need foster homes

We need foster homes to help us continue to care for all of the Pomeranians and Schipperkes (and other small breeds) in need. Click here to apply to foster

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