Success Stories


After being brutally mauled by a large dog or coyote, Addie managed to crawl to safety.  After two days, she was surrendered to our rescue.  The blood on her little body revealed several deep puncture wounds and horribly bruised skin. 

When she was released from the vet hospital, I brought her home and  set up a quiet place in my bathroom for her.  No other dogs were allowed near her until she was mostly healed.  For several days, she didn’t move and she would cry out when I tried to take her outside to potty.  She would not use the indoor potty pads or even the floor so she had to go outside. 

For three weeks, she hid in my bathroom until finally, she began walking around looking for me.  Now she seeks out anyone available to scratch her head.

She does not have any issues with the other dogs in the house so thankfully the attack did not make her fearful.  She still winces when I pick her up but I think she is anticipating pain… not actually feeling pain.  She’s good and healed now with just scars to mark her journey.


Huckleberry came into the rescue almost a year ago in extremely poor condition. He had heartworms, seizures, arthritis, matted hair. He’s been through heartworm treatment, recovered from a staph infection, put on some healthy weight. He was just adopted by a previous adopter family and some chihuahua siblings. He’s a silly sweet dog and it looks like could easily get lots of attention.


We love how beautiful these babies are after some love, good food and proper vetting. 


Bryson is another of our littles requiring leg surgery. He had an old fracture, and required specialized surgery with an external fixture. He’s a young, spirited boy and it was quite the task to keep him from running for 3 months. He just wanted to chase and rumble and jump! He came through it all and is happily running with his new little sister, also a spirited pommie pup.


Jaiyla was rescued by one of our very dedicated volunteers, here’s her story . . .

On August 24 around 11 am, after a week of trying to capture, her freedom day had arrived! A post had been on Facebook a week prior about a little tiny dog that was running across the road spotted by a UPS driver. I saw her instantly when I went to look for her. As soon as I parked the truck, she ran across the road to me. That scared me because it was a busy road with a 70 mph speed limit. She wanted to come to me but was too terrified. People had been feeding her, there were empty food containers in the ditches. As I walked toward her she ran off into the field. It was hundreds of acres so no way of trapping in a yard or against a building. I followed her in the truck for awhile to see where she would go, could barely see her in the field but she would run back-and-forth between a tree half a mile up the road and the corner of the highway. So I parked and just watched her. This alerted a farmer and he came by to see what I was up to. He said that she had be dumped months before with her litter of puppies, the puppies had disappeared. I thanked him for the info and couldn’t imagine how she had survived all that time. I went back every day for a week to see if she would get used to me and allow me to catch her. I needed a trap so I reached out to Duck Team 6 to loan me one, we met up and hid it in the culvert filled with food. We left the door locked open so that she would feel comfortable getting in it. The next morning I went to check on her and she had eaten all the food. There was a lot of commotion – traffic, farm machinery and people with flat tires on the corner. I figured she would be scared away. When she heard my truck she peeked her head out of the grass that was taller than she was, and I was happy that the activity hadn’t scared her. I figured she would be full from the big meal we fed her the night before but I gave it a shot. I baited the trap and set it to trap her if she went in, and drove off. I had set up a camera so that I could watch her habits in case I didn’t catch her. I came back an hour later with anticipation of what I would find and as I walked up to the culvert my heart was racing. I peeked under the culvert and there she was! She looked so small in that big crate and so terrified. This was literally the happiest day of my life. I took her straight home in the trap because there was no way I wanted to lose her. I carried the whole trap into my dog room when I got home. It wasn’t long before she came over to me for some attention. Ever since that day we have been the best of friends, it was also the happiest day of her life too!

We love happy endings, and this cutie is in for another one when she finds her furever family. 😍



When Elfie came to us his front left leg had been degloved. The vet believed this injury occurred from being hit by a car. We took him every 24 hours for 34 days for hydrotherapy and rewrapping his leg – it healed beautifully. He was a sweetheart for the entire time and everyone fell in love with him.

The vetting for Elfie was about $3000, and we are so thankful for the dedicated foster that took him every day for those visits. We love and appreciate our volunteers as much as we do our donors. We need you all!